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Old Money Bridal Aesthetic

Hey Brides! Let's talk old money bridal aesthetic...

Although recently popularized by TikTok and Instagram, the old money bridal/wedding aesthetic is timeless, elegant, and sophisticated. Bridal trends come and go but this is one that will never go out of style. This bridal vibe is reliant on many things, the decor, the colors, the venue and most importantly the wedding dress! When you think old money vibes what do you imagine? We think fancy old getaway cars, excellent architecture, classy decor, and obviously a jaw dropping wedding gown to tie it all together. 


Think ballrooms adorned with lush floral arrangements in soft muted tones like blush, ivory, or even sage green. Add in some unique table decor like vintage candlestick holders and classy floral arrangements everywhere you turn. Opt for classic, refined elements that evoke a sense of timeless beauty. The floral arrangements should be abundant yet tastefully arranged, featuring flowers such as roses, peonies and hydrangeas in congruent patterns. The key is to create an environment that feels luxurious yet intimate, with every detail thoughtfully curated to bring the old money feeling to life.


As far as the venue goes, you should look for grand estates, historic mansions, or even a classy country club that would provide the old money ambiance. The key is to find a space with architectural charm and plenty of character in itself to set the stage for your timeless fairy tale. These kinds of venues usually have beautiful facades, detailed moldings, and perfectly kept gardens, providing a backdrop full of tradition. Every corner will tell a story, creating a romantic vibe that is ideal for a timeless wedding like this one.


Choosing the colors for your wedding day can be a hard decision, but for this theme to be executed well you must stick to a soft and romantic palette. You should aim for tones like cream, beige, ivory, and you can never go wrong with throwing in some soft pastels. Adding deeper hues for some depth can add that touch of richness to the space as well. Think emerald green or navy blue to create a visually stunning yet understated palette that compliments every aspect of the venue and decor.


The Gown

The wedding gown is arguably the centerpiece of the old money wedding aesthetic. Picture a gown that combines classy silhouettes with luxurious fabrics- silk wedding gowns are perfect to execute that old money vibe we are going for. Timeless cuts such as A-line, ball gown, or textured styles that embody elegance, grace, and beauty! The key to a timeless gown is the fabric and the style. Keep it simple, but add in those luxurious elements like elegantly layered fabric or unique bow details to bring your vision to life.

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This Square neckline ball gown by Justin Alexander is the epitome of old money bridal gowns. Made of luxurious mikado fabric, this gown is elegant, feminine, and powerful, creating a timeless look for your wedding day. The couture seaming and elegant buttons flowing down the back add that intimate detail that enhances the gown and gives it some personality and charm. The chapel length skirt is dramatic and sophisticated, tying the old money aesthetic together with this stunning gown.

This gown, "Sophia" by Jenny Yoo, is another stunning option to exude the old money look with your wedding gown. This gown is striking in her simplicity and is made to flatter your silhouette, elongate and slim the waist. The classic covered buttons again add the most perfect touch to this simple gown.

Another absolutely stunning silk gown for the old money brides. This gown, "Sophia" by Eva Lendel, is fitted to perfection with a slimming silhouette and a dramatic skirt that gives that feeling of royalty. The stunning slit and the adorable bow detail on the back give this gown the feminine classiness that we are looking for.

All of these gowns available exclusively at Elevated Bridal!

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