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The Bridal Wardrobe: Little White Dress

Updated: Jan 15

As you go through the season of planning a wedding and all the little celebrations surrounding being engaged, you will need the appropriate wardrobe of a bride, aka Little White Dresses! From your bridal shower to the bachelorette party of your dreams, to the romantic exit from your big day that begins the rest of your life, you want to look and feel like a bride. We have little white dresses for every bridal occasion and for every soon-to-be bride's unique style. As bridal fashion experts here at Elevated Bridal, we are here to help you find the perfect wardrobe of little white dresses to make your bridal dreams come true!

Bridal Shower

The bridal shower is all about you - the bride! It is a time for you to be showered with love, laughter, and gifts before you say "I do". The spotlight is on you as you are surrounded by your best friends and the important people in your life celebrating this milestone. Your little white dress should represent your style and make you feel like the beautiful soon-to-be bride that you are!

#1 Blair | Untamed Petals #2 Tiffany Bow Mini | Untamed Petals

#3 Adley | Jenny Yoo #4 Soho Mini | Untamed Petals

Or book a Little White Dress Appointment to shop in person.

Engagement Pics

Let's talk engagement pics! These pictures are meant to make a statement, so your dress should too. The little white dress you choose should be a love story in fabric form. Let it tell the world about your unique love story, whether it's a fun statement piece or a classy silk dress, we have it all! Many brides use these photos for their save the dates and wedding website. Don't forget to check out our sister company, Elevated Weddings, for all your invitation and signage needs.

#1 Ella | Jenny Yoo #2 Tulum | Untamed Petals

#3 Houston | Untamed Petals #4 Sasha | Untamed Petals

Or book a Little White Dress Appointment to shop in person.

Bachelorette Festivities

Here is where the party starts! Whether you are jet-setting to the beach, taking on the city lights of Nashville, or opting for a cozy cabin retreat; let your outfits channel the vibes of your destination, and of course, your fabulous self. Here are some of our top picks for your bachelorette getaway.

#1 Tula | Jenny Yoo #2 Madison Bow Mini | Untamed Petals

#3 Crystal Mini Pink | Untamed Petals #4 Kane | Untamed petals

Or book a Little White Dress Appointment to shop in person.

Rehearsal Dinner

It's almost that time! The calm before the storm of your wedding day, (a good storm of course!) A rehearsal dinner is an intimate ceremony leading up to your big day filled with laughter and anticipation. Your rehearsal dinner dress is a peak into your wedding day for your close family and friends and sets the tone for the formality of the event. You can choose a dress that is a reflection of your ceremony gown or use this opportunity to wear a trend you adore that you did not want to walk down the isle in.

#1 Just One Look | Anne Barge #2 Ayla | Jenny Yoo

#3 LW204 | Amsale #4 Margot | Jenny Yoo

Or book a Little White Dress Appointment to shop in person.

Exit Dress

It's the grand finale, you're a WIFE! The big exit is the end to your wedding day, and the beginning to the rest of your life. Think exciting, memorable, and show-stopping. Let it be a visual exclamation point to your wedding day story. Whether it's a dazzling mini to go with your sparklers, or a classy and elegant dress that pairs perfectly with the vintage car waiting to take you away, let it make a statement!

#1 Aria | Untamed Petals #2 Twinkle In Time | Anne Barge

#3 Chloe | Untamed Petals #4 Frankie | Untamed Petals

Or book a Little White Dress Appointment to shop in person.

Capture your personality, vision for your wedding and make a fashionable statement with our Little White Dress collections. Designers include Amsale, Anne Barge, Jenny Yoo and Untamed Petals.

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