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Designer Spotlight: Toni Federici

Beginning in 1990, Toni Federici has been crafting high-quality and innovative designs, unlike any other bridal accessory brand. Founded by Toni Federici and her director of operations, Jilly Smith, it is the only company in America where skilled artisans cut, sew, and embellish couture veils by hand. They are persistent in finding the finest lace, pearls, crystals, and trims from all over the world to bring their masterpiece veils to life. Toni Federici prides itself on creating one-of-a-kind designs and their ability to customize them according to the bride's request. They have extremely high production standards for every single one of their veils to ensure they are producing the highest quality products possible. 

Toni Federici emphasizes the importance of a veil on a woman's wedding day. They never lose sight of the emotional quality that a veil holds in all its flowing beauty. A veil is a classy and elegant addition that will elevate your bridal look, making your big day even more dreamy. Designer Toni Federici and her director have created the language of veils as they have traveled all over the world and had conversations in dressing rooms everywhere. Toni Federici is timeless and unique, adding the perfect touch of detail, and elevating your bridal look in the most classy way. 

If you are a bride who is looking for the perfect touch l to add to your big day, Toni Federici is the perfect designer for you. The customization of each veil and the attention to detail make for the most flawless designs.

Here are our favorite designs by Toni Federici, exclusively offered at Elevated Bridal!

Wedding Cake

This veil is voluminous, luxurious, and classy. The wedding cake veil is a waltz-length design, creating a dramatic veil look.

Toni Federici Veils

The Crown

This veil is a circular-style chapel veil with stunning pearls to accent the blusher. It has the perfect amount of detail to compliment any wedding gown.

Toni Federici Veils


The Dominica veil is a circular style silhouette trimmed with an intricate border of crystals and pearls. The stunning border outlines the veil perfectly, adding that pop of detail.

Toni Federici Veils


This veil is unique and classic, embedded with pearls that scale in size along the border. This veil is meant to accentuate a bridal gown flawlessly.

Toni Federici Veils


The Roman veil is a traditional mantilla veil with a beautifully shaped silhouette. Trimmed with fine European lace, this veil is classy and elegant.

Toni Federici Veils


This waltz-length veil features details of embellished vines and elegant blossoms trailing from beneath the blusher tier. This stunning veil is intricate and unique, making for the perfect addition to your wedding day.

Toni Federici Veils

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